Final Batches of Selvage Denim from Cone Mills White Oak

FOMO alert: we have a limited quantity of men’s jeans made from some of the final batches of selvage denim to roll off the Cone Mills White Oak line.

We cut the Cone Mills selvage denim into two styles:

Men’s Classic Straight

This is your everyday pair of jeans. With wider legs and a higher rise, these are designed for the boxer wearers of the world. These jeans are good for a long stretch of meetings in the office, or running weekend errands. It’s a classic style designed to withstand trends.

Men’s Modern Slim

This is the polished pair of jeans, cut for a modern vibe. They’re one part skinny, one part slim with a bit of taper below the knee. Bonus: they’re narrow around the ankles for a streamlined cuff. These are the jeans to buy if you want to look crisp without looking stuffy.

We can’t stress this enough: get them now.

Women’s Cone Mills White Oak selvage jeans are coming soon! Sign up for our email list for a first look.

What happens next?

While everyone is buying up these last, collectible bits of American history, we are sourcing sustainably made selvage denim from some of the greenest mills in the world. After the Cone Mills White Oak jeans are gone, you’ll see the same classic cuts you’ve come to expect from Bluer, but with a smaller environmental footprint.

Our next batches of denim will feature recycled materials and more comfort stretch for those who want jeans to feel cushy right out of the box. We’ll continue making raw, rigid denim for those who want to earn their comfort while looking sharp. All of our denim will remain selvage and will be transparently manufactured in dignified and healthy conditions.

What happened to the discounts?

Some advice: Don’t wait for the Cone Mills White Oak denim to go on sale. It won’t. But if you’re looking for a discount, check out our Denim Rescue program. Send in your old jeans, get a credit for your next pair.