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Tell Us What You Want, What You Really, Really Want*

Email is a tough one, right? We all get a lot of it, and a very small portion of it is useful. But that small portion of useful email is a little glimmer of light within the thick miasma of our inboxes. We want to be that little glimmer of email light for you. We promise our emails will add a bit of value and give you a 30 second respite from all of the other stuff going on.

To help us bring a bit of joy to your inbox, tell us what you like below. We’ll only send you email that appeals to you. And if you’re thinking that you don’t need any more email, we get it. But what if our emails are the greatest emails ever? (THEY ARE! Mostly.) You really don’t want to miss out on the greatest emails of all time.

Here’s our privacy policy, just in case.

*We’re not too proud for a Spice Girls reference.