Denim Rescue

Want a $10 credit? Help us rescue old denim from an eternity in the landfill. Before tossing your old jeans, send them to Bluer in a pre-paid envelope and we’ll give you a $10 credit. If your old jeans are in good condition, we’ll wash them and deliver them to a Pacific Northwest shelter. If they’re well loved, we’ll recycle them into earth-friendly insulation materials. We’re also evaluating ways to recycle jeans into new selvage denim.

How Denim Rescue Works

Step 1) Add Denim Rescue to your cart using the handy “Add to Cart” button. Check out as usual. (No credit card required.)

Step 2) We’ll send you a kit with an envelope and postcard. Throw your jeans into the envelope and fill out the postcard with your details.

Step 3) We’ll email you a $10 credit toward your next Bluer Denim purchase. (Limit 1 credit per new pair of denim.)

Step 4) We’ll wash your jeans and personally give them to someone who needs them or we’ll recycle them into insulation. (Soon we hope to turn your old jeans into new selvage denim.)


Want to rescue even more jeans from the landfill?

According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned.” Bluer Denim hopes you’ll stop before you start. Stop buying stuff. Stop chasing trends. Those trends hurt the environment and hurt your wallet. Our jeans are made in classic styles using durable denim so you can wear one pair for decades, instead of buying and re-buying jeans as trends come and go.

Throwing away other stuff? See how long it will take to decompose.

Learn about our Bluer Skies, Bluer Ocean programs here.

The fine print: Denim Rescue is available in the US only. Limit one $10 credit per purchase.